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Where are the Great Coaches?

Coaching has been my life for the past 12 years. I started off coaching the tiny mites who where 5 and 6 year olds. This was a group of kids who never played football before, which was perfect because i never coached before. We ended up finishing at just 500 for the season, which wasn't bad for our first year. I stayed with this group of kids until it was time for them to play middle school, by this time we had won championships, and dominated little league football. But winning wasn't our biggest accomplishment. I was able to teach all these young boys about our personal Lord and savior Jesus. My main goal was to make these young boys great men! I didn't have any doubt that all these young men would go out and do amazing things in the world. I preached to them that they where a family, and they needed to stay together, and go to the same High Schools and build a dynasty. They did exactly as I asked. But something happened that they had no control over. We never thought about the next group of coaches that would take them to the next level, the next group of coaches that would be there for them when they go through the problems that teenagers go through. Where are those coaches? The coaches that care more about the kids, instead of his pay check. The coaches that can put their ego to the side, and get to the root of the problem. The coaches that will ask, why the kid wants to quit, instead of just kicking the kid off the team. Where are those coaches, because we need them back. When all the boys I coached got to High School, they went through 2 coaching changes, only to get a coach that had a different agenda. The family was broking up. I seen kids who love the game, get kicked off the team, or refuse to play. Where are the great coaches? They are not getting hired by the school system (because lack of experience) Not all resumes tell the truth. Where are the Great Coaches?

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