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Why are youth Sports Important?

Youth sports changed my life. I think there are alot of people who will agree with me on that statement. I grew up in a low-income housing, I dreamed of ways to get out, I needed away out, and quick. I started hanging with the wrong crowds and trouble seemed to find me more and more. My mom was not the woman who she used to be, there was a new man in the picture, new drugs that would soon rock our household at that time. I started to act out more, nobody knew I was screaming for attention. I needed help and I needed it fast. So I did what all the kids in the neighborhood did. I got my mom to sign me up for football. I was excited and ready to play. My mom told me she would sign me up with one stipulation, I could not quit. I agreed and could not wait to put those pads on. I had so much anger built up and was ready to hit any obstacle in front of me. The first day was great, I remember coach running the life out of us. He told us we had to be in shape to play football. This went on for a week and we finally put our pads on. I was far from the best player, but i felt like i belong. My only problem was i still had a bad attitude. Little did i know that this coach was about to change my life. We called him the attitude adjuster. He changed the way I talked, the way I learned. My whole thought process was changed. I learned about consequences for my actions, I learned about teamwork, I learned about God, all right there on the football field. Some of the greatest life lessons are learned right there on the football field. Without sports , I cant tell you where I would be. Instead of hanging out with the wrong crowd, I had to go to practice, instead of finding the wrong things to do, I had to go to practice. I realized that any bad decision I made could hurt the team, last thing I wanted to do was let God, my family, and teammates down. I encourage all parents to get your kids involved in youth activities at a young age, they will learn lessons that will prepare them for the rest of their lives.

#YouthFootball #arfticle

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